Welcome to Beauty Lounge and Aesthetics where innovation, expertise and personalised care merge to redefine your natural beauty.  I offer professional advice and treatments to help you develop a personalised treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals. I aim to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for every client.

Meet Cathrine


Cathrine is an experienced Registered General Nurse (RGN) who has worked in Maxillofacial surgery, Ear Nose and Throat and Plastics.  She also has extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and physiology. She has worked with some of the best Plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons in the UK.  She has also considerable experience working in the field of dermatology in the NHS.

Cathrine keeps abreast of the latest methodology and thinking through relevant training programmes and she is very precise in her work with the necessary attention to detail. She holds qualifications in both foundation and advanced level for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, botulinum toxin type A and dermal filler course with the British Aesthetic Academy. She is passionate about providing the very best solutions and services and will work with you personally to develop the most effective treatment plan. You can look forward to a new level of self-confidence – directly because of finding the very best solutions to the goals you have for your skin.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable gels, made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance present in our skin. They have been developed and used for a number of years for injecting into the skin, to help restore our skin to its former youthful appearance.


Lip Filler / Enhancements

Lip enhancement is a popular non-surgical treatment for anyone wanting fuller lips or to correct lip proportions. It involves placing dermal fillers into the lips and the surrounding tissues to enhance, shape or add volume to the lips and to improve the appearance of the adjoining fine lines and wrinkles. Also known as Lip filler or Lip augmentation.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments; Botulinum Toxin Type-A

Botulinum toxin works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions. It is often used to relax specific muscles under the skin to treat facial wrinkles, improve facial symmetry and proportion and also reduce bulky muscles such as the masseter. Botulinum toxin is used for many other indications as well, including migraines, neck tension, facial spasms and others.

Can Anyone Have Treatments?


  • Young people under 18 cannot have treatment. 
  • Pregnant or breast feeding mothers or those expect to become pregnant should not have treatment. 
  • People taking certain blood thinning medications or have bleeding disorders are also not eligable for treatment.
  • Generalised disorders of muscle activity e.g. myasthenia gravis.
  • There are some mental health reasons why aesthetics is not advisable.
  • I reserve the right not to offer treatment if I strongly believe that it is not in your best interests.


Price List

*All clients will have an in depth consultation prior to any treatments*

Consultation – £35


Anti-wrinkle Treatment 1 Area – £170

Anti-wrinkle Treatment 2 Area – £200

Anti-wrinkle Treatment 3 Area – £240

Brow lift – £150

Gummy smile – £150

Bunny lines – £150

Peri-oral lines – £150

Downturned smile – £150


Excessive Armpit Sweating (hyperhidrosis) – £300

Jawline Slimming – £250

Neck Lift (Nefertiti) – £320


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – £300

Non-Surgical Nose Tip – £180

Cheek Augmentation 1ml/2ml -£240/£400                                                     

Tear Trough – £300

Chin Sculpting – £180

Jaw Line Enhancement – £250

Lip filler  0.5ml/1ml – £200/280                

Smile lines (nasolabial folds / marionettes) – £290

Filler Dissolving (hyaluronidase) – £180

B12 Injection – £35